No tech, just a podcast!

My blog has been slowly becoming an unsupported, end-of-life mess over the last couple years so I spent my Sunday finally upgrading Ghost and Ubuntu to the latest LTS versions. While I was here, I thought it would be a good opportunity to at least throw out some kind of update, even if the focus isn't related to tech in any way. For anyone who isn't already aware, I recently started a podcast called Lost Threads with my co-host and long-time friend Cory Munson! Our show focuses on stories and/or people from history that have been generally forgotten by the public and what kind of relevancy they still have to us today.

I love reading all the feedback and discussion I've received on this site over the years and would love to hear what you think of Lost Threads. I've embedded episode #1 below and we have 5 others currently published as of now. Enjoy!